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Survival Card Tool
product description

The Survival Card Tool 0.5 is a compact multi-tool designed for carrying in your wallet or your pocket. This handy device equips you with eleven different tools for everyday tinkering and fixes. You never know when you will need a bottle opener or a flathead screwdriver. This little multi-tool gives you the ability to have eleven different utensils with you at all times, without having to carry a bulky toolbox! The UST Survival Card Tool 0.5 is constructed from stainless steel and features a flat, rectangular shape for a more comfortable carry. Often times, multi-tools are big and bulky, therefore making them difficult or uncomfortable to carry. The UST Survival Card Tool 0.5 even comes with a protective sheath to prevent the tool from hurting you or from damaging your pants or your wallet.

A. Knife edge
B. Flat head screwdriver
C. Bottle opener
D. Ruler (4cm)
E. 4 position hex wrench
F. Direction ancillary indicator
G. 2 position hex wrench
H. Lanyard hole
I. Saw blade
J. Butterfly wrench
K. Can opener

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