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Folding Plier
product description

A. Pliers
B. Wire Cutter
C. File
D. Flathead Screwdriver
E. Blade
F. Phillips Screwdriver

Features & Specifications: Includes 6 different tools to help with everyday tasks Folding design keeps tools in place while stored in your pocket Keyring clasps allows for additional security Manufacturer's Two-Year limited warranty covers any defect in material or in design

The UST Folding Plier Multi-Tool is the epitome of EDC. This 6-piece portable tool features a simple selection to accommodate everyday tinkering and quick fixes. The Folding Plier Multi-Tool has an easy-to-use butterfly design that opens up into two handles, with the pliers resulting in the focal point, or center, of the tool. In addition to pliers, the portable tool includes wire cutters, a file, a straight-edge blade and two screwdrivers. When not in use, simply fold the handles back around and slide the multi-tool into your pocket. There is even a handy keyring clasp for securely attaching the butterfly multi-tool to a belt loop or a bag strap. The UST folding plier multi-tool is an affordable yet reliable choice for those looking for extremely functionality in a small package.

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